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Training and Coaching of sales teams, for improved performances.


Your sales people represent your business externally. They are always in competition... If, like athletes, they want to improve themselves, they need to acquire the proper tools and train to use them.

Commercial Performance

Applying sales techniques to products or services sold on specific markets: "What are the 7 stages of the sale?", "What are the requirements to submit an offer under the right conditions?"

3-5 workdays with you to improve the performance of your sales people by more than 10%.

Individual sales coaching

Improving the sales practice by accompanying sales people in the field.

Experience and an external perspective allows each vendor to define his personal action plans.

For a Hunter or a Farmer, potential relationships must translate into concrete actions: sales and satisfied customers.

ImproTraining programs

ImproTraining programs

7 skills and attitudes to adopt good sales behaviour, communication and management. The ImproTraining program combines improvisers’ training techniques with sales techniques. The result: sales people who are able to...:

Call center & prospection

Increasing the efficiency of your telephone sales tactics.

For a Call Center or for sales people who are prospecting by phone, our training program covers the key topics of the telephone contact: structured calls, a positive attitude on the phone, techniques and tricks... in short, everything you need to maximize the profitability of the time spent on the phone. These techniques are also useful for incoming call handling.

The way we work


Sell more, sell better:
With sellers in full ownership of their ways, the results on sale are there.

Let's talk about this !

To be at the top in your business you can associate:



Analyzing and optimizing the commercial approaches.

Which is your “Unique Selling Proposition”? How to communicate it to the highest potential customers? PHCom provides an answer to these questions with you through a sparring-partner program.

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The development Center to identify and activate targeted leads.

The heart of our profession is to establish and manage your prospects' base. You initiate new commercial relationships by choosing the right companies, by introducing yourself to the right people and by getting to know them.

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Visualise and optimize your sales potential.

An intelligent tool which combines a collaborative database, to reach the right people in the right companies more easily, and the shared management of all existing contacts and the ones yet to establish.

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