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phcom is recruiting !

You are interested in a job in a company where success is a safe bet. Congratulations!

We are located at : rue Colonel Bourg, 104a, 1030 Brussels (but teleworking is part of our DNA).

For further information, contact us by phone at +322 70264 74.


Prospector / Developer Business To Business (part time, at home) :


You are prospecting the market by phone on behalf of our clients.You are representing one or more companies to the managers and decision makers.
You are comfortable on the phone and you are able to to create a contact and to turn it into a sales potential.
Your listening talents and your analys is of the covered markets allow adjustment of our clients’ marketing strategies.

Call Harold Heine on 02 702 64 76. If you can reach him, you will have 6 minutes to convince him that you are the right candidate.

Our team will then be happy to welcome you for a test.


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