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Analyze and optimize the commercial performances.


The « consulting » function supports Business Development because it is «action-oriented».

The mission of SME's, active in Business to Business, is to apply Marketing & Sales knowledge in the following areas:

The establishment of an Efficient Organization :

Dynamic trading approaches :

An immediately implementable Marketing Plan :

Turning Cold Calling into Hot Calling :

Sell more, sell better :
PHCom is your sparring partner to enable you to fully express your potential.

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To be at the top in your business you can associate:



The development Center to identify and activate targeted leads.

The heart of our profession is to establish and manage your prospects' base. You initiate new commercial relationships by choosing the right companies, by introducing yourself to the right people and by getting to know them.

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Team trainings or individual trainings to improve sales performance

In order to develop and ensure assimilation of the new sales methods by the sellers, we work on the content as well as on the format, while adapting to your products or services and to the targeted markets.

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Visualise and optimize your sales potential.

An intelligent tool which combines a collaborative database, to reach the right people in the right companies more easily, and the shared management of all existing contacts and the ones yet to establish.

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