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Yasmina Kabdani

We moved ! 📦

From Yasmina Kabdani, the 09.09.2020
We moved ! 📦

Since September 1st, PHCom has moved into the business center Transforma BXL.

Teleworking has been the norm for more than 15 years within our organization, this working environment allows us to operate in full flexibility.

The logic of innovation that reigns there is in line with our way of contributing to the business development of companies by applying the best practices of lead pool management.

In addition, the other tenant companies share the same values of sustainability and social responsibility: everyone can make a positive contribution to our planet.

This ecosystem creates multiple business opportunities with start-ups and other companies active at Transforma BXL.



Posted in People Administration - Télémarketing - Development Center - Call Center - Bruxelles
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