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Stéphane Depaepe

20 years already !

From Stéphane Depaepe, the 01.05.2016
20 years already !

1996 -2016

20 years already !

Thank you for these 20 years rich in human experiences, exciting projects and challenges to which you have contributed.

Hundreds of clients have entrusted us with long and short term missions to accompany them in their commercial development. Thanks to those customers, we have explored various areas of activity that have enriched our knowledge and our experience in the B2B sector.

Furthermore, thank you to my whole team who made this adventure possible. Their autonomy guides our performance.

In the course of time, our manner of penetrating markets has evolved while today’s technical tools allow multiple breakthroughs. PHcom endeavors to stay ahead aiming to activate potential clients.

As long as they approach their profession differently, people remain at the heart of our activity : the « one to one » contacts, from person to person, constitute the value and richness of our activity.

Support for commercial development shines through at every moment. In times of crisis or growth, this support contributes to finding solutions through a human approach : the exchange between two persons. Everything can be automated but nothing will ever replace direct contact.

I wish that the next 20 years will allow us all to live those moments of fruitful exchanges on a personal and on a professional level.

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