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Stéphane Depaepe

25 years of PHCom 🎊 Come celebrate with us on 15/12 🎉

From Stéphane Depaepe, the 26.10.2022

25 years of PHCom ... Let's celebrate !

Crossing PHCom's path does not leave one indifferent.

Let's meet around an appetizer drink to share the good moments.

Together, we'll look back for a moment and see how far we've come.
You will learn about current best practices in business development.
Then we'll look ahead to the challenges and opportunities of the future.

From 4PM to 6PM, you will have the opportunity to exchange with the PHCom team around 4 booths that will run continuously:

  • Generate a good prospecting database and manage your contacts
  • Master the 7 skills and attitudes of prospecting and selling with ImproTraining
  • Transform cold calling into hot calling for more results
  • Optimize your sales process (from marketing to sales)

At 6PM, Stéphane will give you a surprising conference: "Market developers: situation and perspectives".

Then and until 6PMan Aperitif drink Made in Belgium will be offered to you.

In order to confirm your presence, we ask you to register here 👈

📍 Address of the day (15 December): Transforma Working Place, 13 Avenue Jules Bordet - 1140 Brussels. (Parking available)


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