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Stéphane Depaepe

How to conduct Video Conferencing

From Stéphane Depaepe, the 25.03.2020
How to conduct Video Conferencing

The 8 Do's of Video Conferencing Etiquette

Do be courteous to other participants (name them)
Do speak clearly (go to the point)
Do keep body movements minimal
Do move and gesture slowly and naturally (and show your hands)
Do maintain eye contact by looking into the camera (and smile) 
Do dress appropriately
Do make the session animated (who leads the meeting?)
Do be yourself and have fun!

The 7 Don'ts of Video Conferencing Etiquette

Don't make distracting sounds
Don't shout
Don't make distracting movements
Don't interrupt other speakers
Don't carry on side conversations
Don't wear "noisy" jewelry
Don't cover the microphone

Source: St. Leo University Office of Information Technology

Various solutions for virtual meetings exist:

  • Hangout (Google's favorite)
  • Wildix (we can create a "pro" space for you if you wish)
  • For Microsoft fans: Skype for business, Teams (office 365)
  • For Apple fans: Facetime.
  • Webex, Zoom (

Don't forget that you have the possibility to share screens, documents (ideally suited for screen presentation) and to chat to confirm comments, ask questions, share URL links...

Have a good meeting...

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