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Stéphane Depaepe

From Cold calling to Hot Calling

From Stéphane Depaepe, the 02.05.2016

Calling a manager or a company director should be prepared. The person you are speaking to will appreciate this. Cold calling is less and less popular.

Solutions exist to « rekindle a call ».

  1.  Establishing a favourable environment by already being known by the person you are speaking to. Having left a message on the voicemail, with the secretary; having already sent a short personal email with your reason for contacting ... all this contributes to initiating a conversation under good conditions.

  2. Setting the mood, immediately attracting attention. Optimizing the first 20 seconds by finding common ground and in so doing, getting a healthy attention from both sides. Showing that you are really interested in the other is giving yourself a chance to be interesting.

  3. Finding a common connection. Mentioning a person both of you know, a recommendation, calling on behalf of ... referring to a common contact identified on LinkedIn or on another network ... Some tips: saying that your colleague, Mr. So-and-So, asked to call; naming one’s own director who would appreciate a meeting …

  4. Making use of the Inbound Marketing and hot leads. An incoming call is easy to handle, rekindling a person who has completed a form is easy. There are still other ways to get in touch with an interesting company: identifying those who visit the company's website (more or less intensely), thereby showing interest. It is possible nowadays!

  5. Rekindling by mass e-mailing people who have visited at least 5 pages of the company’s website. Again, this is technologically possible and certainly useful because nothing beats a good telephone discussion to confirm a common interest.

For whom?
Even though these approaches can be implemented by a telemarketeer, the person who receives a call can also prepare to spend some quality time on the phone.

What is the point?
5 minutes on the telephone can be a life-changing experience. 
You can discover a new product, a new way of doing things, an added-value partner …
By remaining open to business proposals, everyone can make his life easier. 
If a real discussion takes place, everyone will benefit.

And now?
Have fun with your contacts! 
Ask questions.
And spend quality time on the phone !

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